The following are a list of projects from the latest Interoccupy National Arts Conference Call. Want more? Click the following for a complete list of Arts Groups and Working Groups.


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F12 International Creative Day of Action


Website: facebook page

February 12th has been announced as an international day of creative action for the worldwide Occupy movement. Stemming from Occupy Melbourne, the home of the ‘tent monsters meme’, this day is all about coming at things from different angles, playing with reality and having some fun in these very serious times. All Occupiers, from all Occupations are encouraged to get creative. Occupations currently on board for #f12 include: Occupy Melbourne, Occupy Sydney, Occupy Perth, Occupy Adelaide and Occupy Brisbane.

Needs: All Occupiers, from all Occupations are encouraged to get creative! Attain consensus and support from various occupations with coordinated artful events.  


Global ART Contest (occupy: the voice of freedom)

Contact: Rhonda Varsane (


GLOBAL CONTEST, enter any art form/medium on the topic of FREEDOM, and/or the OCCUPATIONs. Donation awarded to winner of outstanding work determined by artistic panel. Donation goes to the artist's choice of OCCUPATION. Examples are: art, articles, poetry, photography, music, dance, theatre, etc. Pictures need to be in JPG form so they can be uploaded to facebook, and the link for theatre, dance, music etc must also be facebook compatible.

We visualize YOUTH and schools participating. Please share so YOUTH can have an opportunity to understand and learn about this time in HISTORY.

This is a two year project and we have plans of establishing a world-wide traveling show.

Needs: Artists, Artwork, Collaboration


OccupyART (donate art for the Global Occupy Movement)

Contact: Rhonda Varsane (


As we grow worldwide as individuals and people who are aware of corruption and the inappropriate actions of government and corporations, we find we as people have found our voice and we will be heard. Please be involved in this project to donate ART which will be bid upon and the resulting funds will be used to help the OCCUPY movement's infrastructure and basic needs. An example of a basic need is underwear and socks. Please upload any piece you would like to donate and share details and description.

The Artist will contact admin. or upload their art and their work will be displayed. The Facebook family/and beyond can then bid on the ART. The bidder, will donate money for the ART. The Bidder can specify which OCCUPY their donation will go.

Needs: Donated art





Tiny Tents Task Force


Locations: Boston, OWS, Seattle, San Francisco, Des Moines, and many others

The Tiny Tents Task Force, calls people to action in making and designing Tiny Tents to place around your city to maintain visibility and convey helpful information/facts. Many other cities are joining in on the creative endeavor. Check out the Tiny Tents Tumblr where people have submitted their Tiny Tents and you are encouraged to submit your own.

Needs: Very Small Tents.



Contact: Amy Walsh -


Locations: Active in Chicago, Philly, DC, LA, Madison, Plymouth NH

Part of a larger multi-state collective effort called "The Archive of Desire" ( Mapping Possible Utopias brings together people from Occupy with other artists, activists, and community groups and organizations to envision a thriving and sustainable future society, the one(s) that so many are working for around the world. If another world is possible, what does it look like? Creative and experimental map making is the method - groups use wall-sized printed maps of their own cities with semi-transparent layers to redraw and re-imagine the world. The maps that are created become raw visual data for further work - proposals, models, art exhibits, animations, web projects and more. The maps are documented and navigable online using new map making software.

Needs:We are looking for Artist; Activists; Educators; Students; Cartographers; Environmental Scientists; Urban Planners; Programmers; Young People; Old People; Everyone in between. Whether you have 2 hours a day free or just two hours a year, get in touch!





A project created to provide direct support to artists working on the front lines of the struggle for Economic Justice. AMO provides mini-grants directly to culture workers across a broad spectrum of artforms, as well as publicity, media and other forms of support that maximize the impact of their work. AMO is a project founded by artists and for artists who are  involved in Occupy and other grassroots movements, and our sole mission is getting artists the resources they need. 

Needs: Apply now for support!


Music 4 Democracy You Tube Channel

Contact: Sharon


You Tube Channel devoted to music at Occupy events.

Needs: Music from Occupy Events



Occupy Trading Cards is an inter-occupy project that uses the format of the trading card to identify and celebrate the important aspects of the Movement in graphic and written form. It is a way to share ideas, lessons learned, best practices, sustainable models and powerful images across Occupy communities. Trading cards will be available in sets of 9 cards and will be able to be ordered through our website. The website will also be used to link up visual artists with contributing writers. Categories for the content of the trading cards include (but don't have to be limited by): Actions, Tactics and Strategies, Community and Allies, Organizational Structure, Media and Communication, Conflict Resolution.

Needs: Artists to make a trading card, Committees or Occupiers who can write down the elements of your occupy community that you want to share with others, Planning Committee members, and a website programmer!


The Crow & The Wolf Project



A traveling mixed media documentary project focused on the current state of art in America, the decline in art education in public schools and the artists purpose as educators and positions in social movements. The duo spent 2 months working with the arts & culture WG and Puppet Guild at OWS and now reaching their 8th month on the road, includes outreach and collaboration with occupations, and artists of, around the country. 

Needs: Projects; Upcoming events along their journey for documentary


Occupy Portraits



My name is Vanessa Bahmani, I'm a Brooklyn based artist and photographer. My work is a compilation of over 1,000 black and white film Occupy Wall Street Portraits taken at the various occupy NYC and occupy Oakland, locations. I simply set up a photo booth on-site, hand people a dry erase board and marker, and ask them to write their reasons for being at OWS. Since early October I have photographed over 200 veterans, pilots, families, children, students, doctors, investment bankers, and even wall street employees and members of the 1% that seek change for our country. I’m seeking to get funding to complete this project. The funds will pay for film, processing, scanning, and equipment rental. I'm hoping you can help me by giving my Kickstarter exposure through your various media outlets before the deadline (Jan 20th).

This project is important because it is documenting a moment in history when thousands came together with the common goal to create a more just and fair society for everyone. I believe that by giving this work exposure, I can amplify the volume of the voices of the 99%.

Needs: Funds; Collaboration. Here's a link to my Kickstarter Page:




Contact: Alona,


Location: Washington, DC
Art is the most powerful tool used to ignite positive social change. was envisioned to be one of the sparks that lights that fire. In October 2011, the site launched with the mission to provide creative change agents with the latest news regarding funding, jobs, academic programs, research, networking opportunities, and relevant upcoming events, particularly those in the DC metro area. I also hope to encourage artists to transform into actorvists by directly inserting themselves into the social justice movement in non-traditional roles, e.g. leading movements, establishing partnerships with advocacy organizations, and inspiring others to answer direct calls to action through their important work.

Actorvist- (n.) redefined here to mean any person that engages in or supports the creation of art to bring about progressive social change.

Needs: Inspiring Artists


Artists of the 99%



Location: San Francisco

We started up a group of arts & culture workers in the San Francisco Bay Area called Artists of the 99%, with the intention of both working on issues around the Occupy movement (organizing and direct action) and investigating a larger spectrum of the role of artists in society. So far, we've:

-had a few banner and poster making days
-participated in innumerable marches in both San Francisco and Oakland
-produced a zine about art/labor and our position in the movement -hosted a knit-in on the sidewalk in front of a local arts space to
draw attention to/have discussions about the looming eviction in the
face of a rapidly changing/gentrifying/upscaling of the neighborhood
-planned (and rescheduled!) a day of action at OccupySF, the Artist
Bloc, for which we arranged speakers, workshop leaders, and open
art-making activity areas. Due to rain and a raid, we postponed it and
will now be hosting a panel discussion this Saturday on organizing
strategies for artists with David Solnit, Favianna Rodriguez, Jeff
Chang (author of Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop
Generation), and our own Zeph Fishlyn of the Beehive Collective link and, lastly, one of our organizers, Adrienne Skye Roberts has been
writing about our work, art work, and Occupy for the SFMOMA blog:

Needs: Voices for zine


Beyond Occupy: An MLK Dialogue for 2012

Contact: PJ D’Amico:

Websites:Redline ; The GrowHaus ;

Location: Denver, CO

A host of local artists are putting together a community forum at Redline the afternoon of Martin Luther King Day (Monday January 16th). Entitled "Beyond Occupy: An MLK Dialogue for 2012", the event is meant to bring together residents of Northeast Denver around themes of social justice, income inequality, sustainability and arts-based activism. We're planning a jam-packed afternoon of talks, spoken word performance, free food, community dialogue, teach-in sessions, and opportunities to get involved in specific local campaigns.
To maximize this event's huge potential, we're aiming to include the wisdom and energy of as many of the leaders in our community as possible. We'd love to bring you into the conversation and hear your ideas about how to make the event, and the conversations that follow it, a success. To that end, we're hosting a couple meetings next week to explain our vision thus far and broaden our organizing team. You can contact PJ D’Amico at for more information.

Needs:Discussion Panel


Globalize This



Location: Los Angeles

Globalize This is an exhibition at Otis College of Design. The exhibition has roots of anti-globalization movements throughout history in print, highlighting a section on various Occupy posters. Contact me for more info about the exhibition.

Needs: Occupy Posters!


Occupying Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park with Re-useable Culture


Location: New York City (OWS)

We believe can inspire the world by occupying Liberty Square / Zuccotti Park each day with political theater, art, games, sign making and many other activities. We can use re-usable culture such as song sheets, scripts, skits, ideas, games, etc. to make our park fun so we can keep it full of people as many hours as possible. Please, help us!

Needs: Re-useable culture! Song Sheets; Theater Skits, especially with movement for warmth!

Contact: Maria


Location: Seattle 

Occupy Seattle creates interaction with the city through Posters/ Banners; Youth Classes; MC's and hip hop events. We want to share experiences, events with like-minded occupations.

Needs: People interested in hip hop


Occupy Tape: Occupy Ninjas

Contact: Beka Economopoulis


Location: Brooklyn, NY 

Sporting police-style Occupy tape, these ninjas cordon-off banks and cash machines in NYC. You’re your hands on some Occupy tape and secure the perimeters of your city. Occupy tape say “Occupy” and “Foreclosed”.


Occupy Chicago Rebel Arts Collective (OCRAC)

Contact: Alex Billet -


Networking tool for cultural workers for justice in/around Chicago.

Needs: Cultural workers in Chicago


Occupy Novel and Occupy My Heart: A Revolutionary Musical


Location: Chicago 

A project to continue changing media narratives, and creating solid examples of the movement's economic power, The Last Man is  the first Occupy novel, about a world ruled by a single corporation. It is a book about freedom and hope, and standing alone on principles of human rights and autonomy. Set in the distant future, The Last Man describes a world where race, religion, diversity and freedom have been replaced by a corporate homogeneity. A person's value is dependent upon there production ability. Those who cannot produce are eliminated. But one man stands alone against the corporation. His trial higlights the hypocrisy and inhumanity of the corporation, and reveals cracks and treacheries that predict its ultimate collapse. Written by W.C. Turck and the 99% for Occupy Chicago and the Occupy movement worldwide.


Occupy with Art  

Contact: Paul McLean


Location: OWS/ New York City

A collaboration with Yoko Ono and wish trees: ( IMAGINE PEACE TOWER; PO Box 1009; 121 Reykjavik; Iceland Low Lives: Occupy!; OwA is partnering with Low Lives, the Hemispheric Institute of NYU and Mark Read (N17 - of "99% Bat Signal" fame) on a networked performance/screening slated for March 3; an international Call for Entries/Proposals has been released this week Wall Street to Main Street; OwA is working with a team of coordinators, including Fawn Potash (Artist, SVA Faculty) and Geno Rodriquez (Formerly director of the Alternative Museum NYC) to produce/facilitate a 3-month exhibition and cultural program situated in Catskill, NY, and extending into the surrounding Hudson River Valley, in conjunction/collaboration with Masters on Main Street (GCAC) and other involving local artists, institutions and organizations; an international Call for Entries/Proposals has been released this week; a second phase of the project, tentatively planned for June, is in the early planning stages, but is emerging as an Occupy convergence CO-OP/Occuburbs; OwA is working with partners in Huntington, NY (Long Island), including Christopher Moylan, to produce a series of screenings (at Cinema Arts Center) and exhibitions; more details will be released later this month


Low Lives: Occupy!
Contact: Jorge Rojas -
Website: Low Lives
Locations: Hemispheric Institute in NYC, and at multiple local, national, and international sites

On March 3rd, 2012, Low Lives: Occupy! an international platform designed to enable artists, audiences, and presenters in alliance with the Occupy movement to support the occupation, will transmit live performances, actions, and happenings online as they occur in real time around the world. Participating artists, artist collectives, Occupy groups, and presenters worldwide will expand the reach and visibility of the Occupy protests by broadcasting to an international community and audiences. The Occupy protests, and the myriad of perspectives and experiences related to this unique moment, will be amplified, explored, and experimented with, through Low Lives’ internet-based creative platform. Low Lives: Occupy! recognizes the powerful opportunity that is the presentation of performances from around the world, and invites artists to open eyes and minds by presenting a radical re-imagining of possible ways of existing and relating. Low Lives: Occupy! seeks projects including, but not limited to, performance art, public actions and interventions, happenings, acts of protest and civil disobedience, taking place in both real and virtual spaces. Deadline to submit proposals is February 6.

Needs: Performers, Artists, Artist groups, Occupy groups, Activists, Co-Presenters to project the live broadcast locally


Occupy Staten Island- summer arts events

Contact: Mary Campbell (


Location: Staten Island, NY 
Occupy Staten Island will be producing a summer arts events and would like to open it up for participation. March 4 event, music and improv.

Needs: Artists, Musicians, Ideas

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