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How are artists creating connections between Occupy and other movements for social and economic justice?




Housing and Foreclosures | The Singing Auction Blockade


Michael Premo and Rachel Falcone,  Housing is a Human Right


"Just like that, every rendition of 'hey hey ho ho - insert noun here - has been rendered obsolete. Politics of all kinds, not just protest politics but electoral politics and all the different ways people do politics, get better when they get creative." - Rachel Maddow







Immigrant Rights | The World Vs. The 1%


Favianna Rodriguez,  Poster Artist and PrintmakerJust Seeds/ Presente!


The wave of graphics, imagery, and art emerging from the occupy movement is demonstrating the powerful role that culture plays in shaping our political narratives. But as storytellers and identity-crafters, our work must now evolve from simply saying 'WE are the 99%' to saying 'WHO is the 99%'? For the 99% to become a real, unified political force, we need to recognize all of those who are being unfairly treated by this grossly unjust economic system, including immigrants, the undocumented, and others we often consider invisible." - Favianna Rodriguez


Images by Favianna Rodriguez, Ernesto Yerena and Melanie Cervantez and Jesus Barraza (Dignidad Rebelde) 





LGBTQ & The Undocumented | Undocuqueer


Julio Salgado, Dreamers Adrift


"Love builds bridges out of borders"






Prisons & Incarceration | Truth Mobs


Denise Mewboure,  Occupy4Prisoners


“Those of us housed in solitary confinement throughout California and Amerika support ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and understand the necessity to resist corporate greed. We will no longer willingly accept the subjugation, oppression and exploitation of humanity. Banks and the prison industrial complex are corporate empires that prey on the souls of humanity. Therefore, we officially join you all in Struggle. One Love, One Struggle!”


Image by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, held in solitary confinement in Virginia for the past 18 years 






Climate Change | Occupy COP17, Connect The Dots


Kevin Buckland,


"Climate change is the glaring symptom of a structure in crisis, its not an issue in itself - but the symptom where issues intersect: you cannot speak of desertification or sealevel rise without speaking of immigration. You cannot speak of sustainable food production without entering the gender politics that devalue the crucial work of women around the world. You cannot speak of coal plants without speaking of political corruption."







Food Justice, Family Farms and Guerilla Gardening | Occupy Our Food Supply!


Seth Wulsin, OWS Food Justice


"Many food justice advocates are well aware that to truly create a healthy and just food system, we must also address issues larger than change the food system, we need systemic change in financial institutions, regulation, corporate influence; we need a shift in power." - Great Article

OFS banner

Image by Occupy Design







Unemployment & Jobs | The Line


Yana Landowne, Performer


"If all 14 million jobless Americans formed a single unemployment line, it would stretch unbroken around the borders of our entire country.  THE LINE will be a visually stunning and politically significant protest action where over 5000 citizens, each holding a pink slip over their head, will form a line stretching from Bowling Green to Times Square representing those neglected Americans."




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